Chapter 93!

Here’s chapter 93 of Magician. I’m going to set Magician to weekly and do periodic daily releases. This is easier on my schedule, and despite all the whining I hear, daily releases are bound to please. Also, as for Yureka, as I stated the schedule will be random, but there will be AT LEAST a chapter per month, most likely more.

Anyways, here’s chapter 93.



Vol.2 Chapter 93-


17 responses to “Chapter 93!

  1. around 20 pictures just to taunt us about the content of the letter. Kim Sarae is a troll.

  2. aarrggh!!! lol this is great. Surprise new project was great. Speed of scans is great. I will have to eat out so I can complain about my food. Gotta get my daily grumble in somewhere.

  3. Oh god I just saw the raws for the next chapter and darn it, I can’t sit still now. It looks like there’s gonna be a butload of revelation coming in. BUT I know you’re doing this for free, and you DO have a life, so I’ll settle with thanking you for your recent daily-release-sprint. You’re awesome!

  4. Just finished reading ch93 and read the next chapter’s raws. We knew her powers were sealed but I would never have imagined that her personality was as well. Anyway, is the next release a daily release or a weekly one? I just want to know how long I’ll have to wait to know their thoughts. But either’s fine, since you’re doing this for free. Thanks for chapter 73!!

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