Yureka 215

Did a chapter out of a whim. So yeah.



Vol.35 Chapter 215- http://adf.ly/OyV9g


18 responses to “Yureka 215

  1. thank i really like yureka it been so long since i read yureka i almost gave up hope until 6 days ago i regained it

  2. Thank you for picking this one up!
    It was among my favorite comics that went into the translators purgatory (I’m glad ID got picked up by egs for the same reason, even if the author is slow a producing new volumes)

  3. Just one thing – I think that the name of the player from Dragon Lands is Whan not Hwan (or at least thats how it was spelled before).

  4. Hey, if you are looking for a translator, I can do some free work for you. My Korean and English is pretty fluent, so leave a comment or e-mail me. (I know a bit of Photoshop as well)

  5. Oh thanks a lot dude. Yureka is an awesome series which is worth being translated.
    US and fench editors went bankrupt 3 times so only korean is left. That’s a shame for a series this good.

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