Chapter 94

Quite a chapter, this one. Lot’s of text, but lot’s of stuff revealed. Enjoy.

06Vol.2 Chapter 94-



27 responses to “Chapter 94

  1. Ahhh loved this chapter! Thx for the amazing releases, it really brightens up my day. Was looking very forward to the chapter with the letter and finally it’s here.

    Iremi has godlike-powers. We all knew it was something like this, but finally we know for sure. What i find the most interesting part is where they tell about her power being sealed except for 1 elemental attribute(The forest’s calm), so i’m curious to see her using other attributes in the near future. There’s obviously no limit to what she can do. Really can’t wait to see that part develop more.
    Enzu being obvious badass as well saying he’ll protect her.

    Iremi becoming the greatest magician and most powerfull of them all.
    Enzu becoming the greatest close-combat fighter.
    Matthew becoming the physically strongest out there and will be able to consciously control her dragon-form.

    Epic team right there. ^^

    • Does it means that , that other witch that is like Iremi has all atributes or she has only forest?

  2. hey whenever i download these i enjoy them cuz my picture viewer displays the scans waay too small.. what sites upload thing manwha first?? any recommendation?? orr is there a file viewer thats recommended?

  3. amazing chapter thanks OMAS

    Looking forward to seeing Enzu hold up that promise as things will undoubtedly get more hectic in the chapters to come.

  4. Thank you very much for translating the magician, I really appreciate it, it always makes me sooo happy after a hard day of work, please keep up the good work and thank you so much for taking the time and effort, I bet its very hard for you with school and all that, but really thank you for making me smile

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