Chapter 95

About 3(?) more chapters until the gathering. Fun stuff happens there. Another Yureka chapter should hopefully come out next week.

03Vol.2 Chapter 95-



12 responses to “Chapter 95

  1. so, why doesn’t just Edan cut her to size? I really hate it when characters do that. Act for the sake of plot, rather than according to their personality/purpose.
    Iremi blushed 🙂
    Thanks for the release

  2. Ohhhhhhhh…. Nice reaction Iremi! Thanks for chapter!! I was wandering what Enzu said, when I read the raws last week. He’s so sweet.

  3. Oh my. FAVORITE CHAPTER so far! ❤ Next to the upcoming balcony scene. Meheheh. Again THANK YOU for the translation. :3 And you're doing SIU's Cloud Atlas too! His (her?) Tower of God is my favorite webtoon, aside from Magician! You're awesomeness personified.

    PS. I find that I tend to look forward to your comments at the end of each chapter of Magician. Hahaha.

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