Chapter 96

Here’s Magician chapter 96. Finals is coming and I better start studying. Once summer rolls around, I should have more time to work on scans, so that’s good. I was planning on releasing a chapter of Yureka, but I didn’t have the time this week. Ah, well. Shit happens.

10Pretty fun chapter, this one. 

Vol.2 Chapter 96-



13 responses to “Chapter 96

  1. Thanks a lot for the chapter
    and good luck on your finals(i thought everyone already finished them or are in the middle of doing so, i personally had my last one today)

  2. I started out Yureka this week after you caught my interest and now I’m at chapter 192. Can’t believe I missed that great story. Anyway thanks for the Magician Chapter.

  3. Great job as usual oma. You are always the best, and for you that have not read yureka yet, please take time to do it. 🙂

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