Friday Chapter

Friday’s chapter may be posted a little later than usual. It’s pretty random, but due to a 9 hour flight I have to catch, I won’t be home for some time. Don’t get me wrong, a chapter will be posted on Friday, and it’s a pretty sweet chapter. Just giving a heads up. Also, to those curious, I did pretty well on my exams. Heh.


17 responses to “Friday Chapter

  1. I had my last exam today as well! its probably a good thing you couldn’t upload for two weeks, i needed the study time! XD

  2. That’s awesome(your exam score) man, and thanks for letting us know about the next chapter

    P.S. does anyone else think that Ellie is Maudlen & D’s child

    • That’s a possibility, but I’m thinking she may be Edan’s kid.
      We will have to see in the later chapters… oh man I can’t wait

  3. Congratz on exams – Can’t wait for the next chapter, things are getting intense.. Ty for releases

  4. I did better than expected. I was certain I failed my operations management final, but got a B in the class.

  5. Happy to hear that u did well man, and thanks for the release for tomorrow, looking forward to wut is to come

  6. Thanks for being reliable and keeping us posted as to when updates are delayed. You truly are OMAS!

  7. Congrats on doing well on the exams, you can put these chapters off as long as needed to ensure good grades. in the future the grades will still mean something.

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