Chapter 99

Looks like I managed to upload around the same time as usual. Anywhom, here’s the new chapter. It’s pretty awesome with Enzu’s rapeface and all. Next week, I will try and get up Yureka along with Magician chapters. May also be a daily release depending on my speed. Yup.

3Vol.2 Chapter 99-



38 responses to “Chapter 99

  1. You are doing a great job oma. 🙂 No idea whats your name, so it became “oma” from me 🙂 (know its one man army, but kind of fitting description. 😛 )

  2. I love you for your work, seriously this manga gives me chills everytime something like this happens !
    Keep up the good work, and please do not leave us too long waiting for what’s about to happen 😀

  3. you mean it?

    daily release??

    OMG thank you so much for it. Keep up the good work. Just because you have the time doesnt mean you should spend it on this thing alone. Go do other things too once in a while enjoying summer.

    But Im also happy if youre working on this.

    Thanks for the release. Cant wait for the next one.

    (Enzu is a f#$@ing badass. Im interested whose ass he will be kicking next chapter)

  4. a daily release? i’m not gay, but i’m fucking loving you apart from my addiction, a cheers to your exams jah bless

  5. yo bro you dont no how happy i am bout magician manga yh bring some more out plzzz and i hope you did well in your exams

  6. Thank you so very, very much!!!!! I thought maybe he used Iremi as a reference (in chapter 86) when interrogating(/torturing) all those fake Edermasks. But now I think it might be because of his (real) parents, as well – I mean, Enzu knows what to say and how to act in situations.

    I’m happy about the daily releases too, but don’t work too hard. Though the latest raw looks epic!

    Again, thanks for the chapter 🙂

  7. great chapter! Thanks for the awesome quality scanlations. like the other said, dont burn yourself out one man army!
    (and congrats with the exams!)

  8. Where’s the daily release? Where? Where?? WHERE????

    Keep up the good work and congratz on passing your exam!

  9. Ur awesome man this series is great. I’ve looked ahead at a couple of the Raws and I can’t wait until I kno what they r saying in English they look awesome but I don’t fully kno what’s going on. uve got me addicted I can’t wait man. Keep up the awesome work.

  10. man….you’re a genius……not much to say, but thx for the reading and good luck with your exams, can’t wait for another chapter

  11. Enzu’s rapeface?

    I don’t think there are any girls whom wouldn’t give themselves to him willingly so it would be consensual sex not rape. But since he is pawning a bunch of guys… umm dirty dirty. I’m not continuing that line of reasoning any farther :p

  12. could you by chance create a current chapter summary page?.. cause i know you used to put some summaries on batoto, and im dying here having to have to wait to see if this new edermask is the real one.

  13. Are you alrite? I haven’t seen any updates lately and you usually tell us if you’ll be away. So I’ve begun to fear for your well beaing. I hope nothing’s gone wrong!

  14. Thanks a lot for your work! could you please translate, one of the new chapters just released (ch300) + one of the old (in alternative way I mean)

  15. what fluffyDuckz say is: where are our daily release? ^^ or we are addicted, you promised us more supply, you are our one and only drugdealer if you are diing find somene else to do it^^

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