D-D-Daily Release Day 2!

46Here’s Daily Release day 2! Tomorrow, a chapter of  Yureka will be released, not Magician. Keep that in mind. The day after, another chapter of Magician should be released.

Also, remember to vote on the polls!

Vol.2 Chapter 101- http://adf.ly/RICZQ



25 responses to “D-D-Daily Release Day 2!

  1. Thank you very match .
    Normally I am an online reader (I know online readers sucks) but I felt so match gratitude that I wanted to reward you by all possible means (I’m a brook student) so I visited you site to help with some clicks .
    wish you the best

    • is there even a way to get this from somewhere legit? I am not aware of anyone else other then OMA translating this, official or otherwise.

      • no Just some random sites that provide online reading manga service if you type magician in Google you will find plenty of site.but at least they keep the last page so we can find the team behind the project
        (sorry for the bad English)

  2. thx so much for the chapters
    chapter 277 isint it 282 but its 283 i am getting this from naver.com

    • There were breaks in between which had one page stating the author was sick or something. There were also small “shorts” which the author just put in random stuff in order to fill the slot for the week.

  3. I think you’re the only one who’s still translating this series o.0
    Or at least the only one which I could find 😛
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    It’s hard to believe that you do more work in a day than most scanlation groups do in a week

  4. I thought Yureka, wouldn’t interfere with Magician releases? :/
    I think, you were cooler when Magician was the only one on this site.
    I follow Yureka too, but still think, if you had just left it alone, some other group would pick it up. And both would be done faster. My unnecessary 2 cents.
    Thanks for the release!

  5. ^Eh now… Yureka has been idle for over a year now with no one taking it up. I’m glad Omas is picking it up as well.

    Why are you upset over him picking up another awesome manga? ._.

    Thanks for the release Omas!

    • Well Mangacow had that poll up, and I think Yureka could have been some group’s main focus. Since, it has a fairly large following.
      And the day-3 release could have been a Magician chapter. So, I hope you understand where I am coming from.

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