Daily Release Day 4!!!!

Here’s the new chapter of Magician! Tomorrow is the last of daily releases, and it’s a chapter of Yureka (Sorry to those who are disappointed.) Nothing really exciting happens in the next chapter so I decided to just end the Magician releases here. There will be more daily releases later in summer so look forward to it!

27Vol.2 Chapter 102- http://adf.ly/RO4mZ



18 responses to “Daily Release Day 4!!!!

  1. thanks for this one but what about normal friday release of magician? will it continu or do you stop translating? chapter from now the 301 and higher chould be epic, could you for example just translate the text of the remaining chapters and let us try to clean and put back online in english?,…

    • I’m leaving on a trip on Thursday morning and returning on Sunday night. I will not have access to internet nor electricity (Fml) the entire trip. So yeah. And translation takes the longest time out of cleaning, typesetting, and proofing. Don’t make light of how long it takes. I will, however, post a spoiler for the current weekly raws on my spoiler page, so you can read that if you want.

  2. thanks! \(^o^)/ (a bit disappointed…)
    Is there going to be a chapter on friday?

    • oops sorry for asking…I just read the chapter and in the credits you said it will be the friday after the coming friday (so next week)…

  3. Wow, I never expected this development. Very interesting. Can’t wait for the next chapters.

  4. Thank you so much for your hard work… I hope you’ll bring out more chapters very soon, since i can’t wait o.o its so awesome ^^

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