Last of Daily Releases!

Here’s Yureka chapter 217! With this, daily releases are over. I would have liked to do more, but due to the lack of time, I could not. No chapter this Friday as I’m leaving on a family trip which I am forced to go to. (And it is not a pleasure trip. No electricity, shitty conditions, fml) So yeah.

456546Chapter 217-



9 responses to “Last of Daily Releases!

  1. dont get in an accident on your trip and die… or i will have a heart attack from lack of magician

  2. Did anyone else noticed the typo in page 4 “…it will name change mine.”. I hope you can somehow enjoy your trip. Thanks for the daily releases.

  3. Alright! Thanks for another chapter of Yureka
    try to make the best of the trip
    And keep up the great work

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