Chapter 105

Here’s chapter 105 in all its glory. New Yureka chapter coming next week.

Volume 2 Chapter 105-



26 responses to “Chapter 105

  1. Isn’t it time already for faster schedule of magician or are you not going to keep your promises again?

    • The fact he’s giving us weekly releases all by himself is great enough. If he doesn’t feel like doing daily releases, please don’t force him to do it.

      • Agreed I’m just happy we have someone Doing this for us. It’s awesome keep it up Oma’s thanks for another chapter. Really looking forward to next weeks yureka

    • Dear Loki,
      omas is providing a free service to you. Why not appreciate that instead of complaining about the speed in which the releases are done?

    • @ loki,

      just so you know, there are 14 chapters left. after that he caught up with the original webtoon. i really dislike your tone for what an awesome job omas has been doing.

      • init show some respect to the bre. and it wasn’t that long ago that he did daily releases, but if he did a chapter tmrw aswell that wouldn’t be bad

    • Sorry, but i have to agree with Loki. OMAS is doing a brilliant job now, but he did promise weeks ago a faster release schedule for the summer after the set of dailies, he has yet to deliver and the summer is almost out…he shouldnt promise things he knows hes not going to deliver on…

      • yes, he did say he’d like to do daily release around 2 weeks ago or so, but he said as soon as he can, if he hasn’t done it yet, he doesn’t have that much right at the moment, so his promise ur saying he’s not delivering is kinda way out there, OMAS, thanks for the chapter and does a chapter of Yureka mean no chapter of Magician or will u be doing a chapter of both, either way, thanks

      • I could care less since he’s doing this for free; in my eyes he has already caught up. If I were him I’d stop releasing for the entire summer just to spite all the selfish whiny brats, enjoy my summer, and then release everything in the beginning of fall.

  2. Thanks a lot for your work once again! ^^
    The best part of my Friday evening… >.<

    For my taste the chapter was a little too focused on making Iremi a proper tsundere, but it looks like we will get back into action soon. :d

  3. thank you so much !! it was a great chapt .. I dont see why enzu blushes so much over a thanks i was hoping she gave him a kiss on the cheek or sumn u knw lolol XD

  4. Rang sure does give a good speech. Also, Iremi and Enzu were very cute. Thanks for the awesome job, like always.

  5. Thanks for the chapter and the effort you put in!
    Out of curiosity; I remember you saying at the beginning of the summer that we’ll be catching up with magician over the summer. Is that still the plan?

    • If you can find the quote that I’ll catch up, can you post it? Also, Scanlating solo takes a shit-load of time. I’m planning to have a big release at the end of summer, so look forward to that.

      • Awesome! Looking forward to that. I’m sorry if I came off as accusing. You’re doing a great job which is highly appreciated. I was just curious, as a person I tend to try to find out what to expect and so forth. So I thought there wouldn’t be any harm in asking.

        Here’s the quote that I was referring to; bottom of the page:

        “I have finals next week. But I’ll probably release a chapter anyways. Once summer comes rolling around, I’ll finally have time to catch up to date with Magician and work on Yureka”

  6. What a tsundere! Haha, but those two can really makes me smile when they act like that. Thank you for all of your hard work until now!

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