Chapter 106

Here’s Magician. Yureka will be out tomorrow.


Vol.2 Chapter 106-


19 responses to “Chapter 106

    • ya that is Marie, first appearance in chapter 15, though i could be wrong, i did a comparison of marie from the beginning and this elf and as much as the art has evolved, they seem the same character, so hopefully it is, i thought Eder killed her

      • She lost her memory. She thinks Edermask might possibly be her husband. The guy she is traveling with wants to fight along side Edermask. Edermask helped him in the past

      • yeah her little mini series was amusing iirc she got her memory back in the end

  1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work….I don’t know what I’ll do without Magician….I love it so!

  2. For those who doesn’t know, after losing her memories.. Marie (The Elf woman) has been quite through a lot. She found out that somehow Edermask is connected to her, thinking that he’s her husband (But actually was the one who almost killed her). The story was in the first chapters after her battle with Edermask (A single page story at the end of every chapter).

    Anyway, awesome chapter. Can’t stand that witch Fenelia. Glad to know that her ass is going to get schooled soon. And Oh! I love how Pierre protects Molly. Haha! Fuckin’ bastard knows how to use his powers, looks really cool to me! 😀

    Thanks! You’re doing a really really reaaaaaaaaally good job and we appreciate it. Please bear with us! Thank you!

  3. Wow, finally Marie again! I’m happy she came back now, I hope she wants to join Enzu’s force.

    Well done OMAS, always great to read your work 🙂

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