New spoiler is up. There will be no chapter this week, but 2 chapters next week. My computer broke down and I had to send it to the shop. I’m getting it by this Friday, so I would normally plan to release a chapter on the following Monday instead, but Saturday is my grandma’s birthday so I have no time. Pity.


22 responses to “Announcement

  1. Sorry for your computer ! I’ll wait next chapter with impatience )))
    Happy birthday to your grandma )))

  2. what the hell! couldn’t you fix it in a day? how hard could it be? don’t you have friends who aren’t so noobs in computers ? and why don’t you hurry up to catch up with the flow now in summer! are you waiting for school?

    • Cheeky bastard! Omas scans by himself at a speed that even makes his computer break down. So what reasons do you have to be so ungrateful? It might be some insurance issues that may occur if he tinkers with his computer by himself. Thanks for the all chapters OMAS! Have hard times understanding why you keep scanlating even with ungrateful people around though I do appreciate you doing it.

  3. Hey i would be willing to donate some money to help out with the computer repairs, i greatly appreciate all your hard work.

  4. hmm..your slow this past month, 1 per week=.=!
    anyway, don’t think you can’t catch up the latest chapter of magician before 2014.will hope so..tired of waiting!
    most people like yureka but some people not..

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