DAILY RELEASE DAY ONE!!! +Announcement

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. This quarter of school will be a very important quarter for me, so I need to focus on my grades for this quarter. Due to that, I will be taking a break from scanlations until Winter. However, I will keep up with the weekly spoilers and I will also keep up with monthly Yureka releases. (Probably) Also, Vendetta scans, another group I am part of, will be doing a joint on Magician, where releases will be made together with OMA scans where I do the translations, and they do the rest. THE RELEASE OF MAGICIAN CHAPTERS UNTIL WINTER WILL BE SPORADIC. Do not ask for when they will come out. A week, a month, perhaps two months. Who knows. Wish me luck, though. I’ll need it. :p

Here’s the good news. The first day of Daily releases. Here’s day one. We’re starting off light with a single chapter. How many chapters will be released within these four days? Nobody knows. (Well, I do, but I’m not telling.)

But. But! BUT!!! This may be my biggest release yet.

Without further ado. Chapter 111 of Magician: http://adf.ly/VFzrU



36 responses to “DAILY RELEASE DAY ONE!!! +Announcement

  1. Thanks for the release as always.

    Still waiting for when they decide to turn. I’m almost surprised that they haven’t figured out some way to contact the enemy leader (Edermask) without having to carve through his entire army.

  2. Sigh, my fall quarter will also be very stressful; gotta take a intermediate java programming class. I am so not looking forward to it.

  3. You are so awesome, thanks a lot for the releases! I know I’ll miss it during your down period but studies are more important, good luck with them.

  4. Good luck with school! I will be missing your weekly Magician release but I know that schoolwork is much more important. Work hard, get stressed and may the force be with you.

  5. Thanks a lot OMAS and good luck with your studies ,i hope you comeback soon. i’m gonna miss your releases. 😦

  6. I enjoy magician so thanks for all the hard work man. On a side note, i can’t figure out whats more shameful. The fact that I’m 26 years old and trying to look for more *ahem* revealing images of Iremi, or being frustrated because I was unable to find any! She has the most amazing ass and legs man, i tell ya. anyways, goodluck with this quarter.

  7. A HUUUGE thanks from Italy! Wish you the best of luck!

    Just do another daily release in winter and you’ll be forgiven.. Kiddin’ haha 😀

    Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for your hard work and good luck with school.

    Can I make a request? Please make sure the last chapter of your daily releases doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. That would be just plain torture for us readers. T_T

  9. @Random: Java ain’t so bad once you learn how to sift through all the cruft… but me, I’ve got assembly this semester XD

    @Omas I don’t pop on here often to say it, but thanks for all the work you’ve put into to translating Magician, I really enjoy it!

  10. Well, good luck with your study. We just have to make due with that we can get. Just as long as Magician doesn’t become part of the web forgotten manga’s and manhwa’s limbo land….I will wait patiently.

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