D-Daily Release Day 2!!

Two chapters? Oh my. Try to guess how many chapters come out tomorrow!

05Vol.2 Chapter 112: http://adf.ly/VJHn2

Vol.2 Chapter 113: http://adf.ly/VJHoa



27 responses to “D-Daily Release Day 2!!

  1. Finally time for Iremi to shine? For all the time she was just a decoration, I expect a real proper curb-stomp…Also thanks for your hard work!

  2. If you are goin in the progression we all think you are going , you will leave us with 5 chapters hanging only. It would be quite easy to keep the statusquo with a 5th day and same progression to clear up all of the Magician that is currently released.

  3. wow the level of diligence the author has is insane, 294 chapters in 4 years while keeping a high standard of art and story, thank you so much for being able to reproduce the same levels in your translations and editing, even redrawing sfx and transparent bubbles. You are definelty one of my favourite scanlators, amazing you can do it as a one man operation so kudos to you.

  4. I’m going to hope for the moment that you surpise us with…. minus 1 releases! you will take away a released chapter and watch us all flail around in our computer chairs wondering why we have been forsaken.

    It WOULD be interesting, think about it 😉

  5. preparing my heart for Iremi to choke again when they come to face with this Edermask I haven’t read the spoilers but I’m betting this one isn’t real.

  6. I thought to myself, he said daily releases… now he came up with 2… so no releases tomorrow… and everybody says “yeaaaaa hes gonna give us it alllll at once yeaaaaa”

    I hope u really show us all ur work at once xD would be great, but showing nothing, since u sent 1 in advance would sound reasonable too lolz.

    Gr8 work as always, ur amazing.

  7. “But. But! BUT!!! This may be my biggest release yet.” ~ OMAS
    That would be fantastic but ultimately impossible your biggest was 14 on may 6th of 2012 and there are not even that many raws left right?

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