Three? No FOUR chapters!!! Daily Release Day 3!!!

A nostalgic episode title. Sound familiar? The very same episode title as the very first episode of Magician!

Daily release day 3!!!!!! Did you expect three chapters? I decided to tag on an extra chapter just to go beyond expectations. How many chapters will come out tomorrow?

28Vol.2 Chapter 114:

Vol.2 Chapter 115:

Vol.2 Chapter 116:

Vol.2 Chapter 117:



68 responses to “Three? No FOUR chapters!!! Daily Release Day 3!!!

  1. wow !!! thanks a lot OMAS, 4 chapters ? your a LEGEND !
    finally some Edermask action i’v been waiting for this for ages.

  2. God-tier, OMAS. 😀

    And at just the right moment, too! Been craving this development for so long.

    Thanks for the great work.

  3. In chapter 297 end , did fake Edermask gave his cape to the real one? Because the real one was wearing a black one. I am confused 😦 Maybe the one casting lightning is the fake one??

  4. Well, there are only 8 chapters left ´till OMA catches up with the latest release. So 1-2-4-8 might indeed be possible and quite awsome at that. Still if it dosn`t turn out like that still a great job you are doing there OMA and good luck with your school, college or whatever.

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