E-E-EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!!!! Final Daily Release!!!

That’s right, not five, not six, but EIGHT chapters!!! With this, we are caught UP TO DATE with the current raws!!! (Grats to those who guessed it.) Now, I take a break from the scanlation scene. Magician will now be placed in the hands of Vendetta Scans until winter. It took a little over a year, but finally, I got rid of that horrid backlog numbering far over 100 chapters. To those who stuck with me from the beginning to those who started reading midway, thank you for reading. Until next time!

c ya

Vol.2 Chapter 118: http://adf.ly/VOpj0

Vol.2 Chapter 119: http://adf.ly/VOpn8

Vol.2 Chapter 120: http://adf.ly/VOpol

Vol.2 Chapter 121: http://adf.ly/VOpr6

Vol.2 Chapter 122: http://adf.ly/VOpt4

Vol.2 Chapter 123: http://adf.ly/VOpul

Vol.2 Chapter 124: http://adf.ly/VOpyR

Vol.2 Chapter 125: http://adf.ly/VOqAh


142 responses to “E-E-EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!!!! Final Daily Release!!!

    • Vendetta scans can go fuck themselves…. the only group who actually seems to care about magician is OMAS, because its been fucking months and those asshats over at vendetta are just sitting on their thumbs and doing absolutely nothing about it.

  1. Hi, I’m really amazed with OMAS for releasing chapters after chapters of one of my favourite mangas/manhuas solo and I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I really like your comments at the end of the chapters too! Please keep up with the good work ^_^

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