Magical Exam Student Chapter 1

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Yeah. Pretty easy read. Much much easier to work on then Magician. Fun little thing to work on while taking a break. I hate school. Fuck you exams.


6 responses to “Magical Exam Student Chapter 1

  1. Thanks for the chapter! And the magical student is ….. lol! wtf!? lol! stopping now to not put much spoilers to those who didnt read yet xD
    Thanks again and good night ^^

  2. Thanks Omas!!! That was, don’t know how to describe…Somehow i just want to see more. And she is cutter than Usagi, sailor moon!! she looks from Hyacen from Trump. Keep good job

  3. not bad for a first chapter, interesting, i’ll prob keep up with it to see how it turns out, thanks again OMAS and hope ur semester is going well for u

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