It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, no spoilers for today, since my final final is tomorrow morning. I won’t be releasing chapters right away, since I have to unpack my stuff and work on the scans itself, but there will be a batch release on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Yeah. Thankfully, since I caught up last time, we’re only like 12 chapters behind. I suppose to some, that may suck seeing as there was once a backlog of 100+ chapters, but I’ll hopefully have Magician caught up before winter break ends. I may or may not work on another project as well. But seeing as I’m working on like, 5 series, who knows? With that said, enjoy your winter and sit tight.


20 responses to “Announcement

  1. sooo im gonna say 10chaps of magician at the 24th/25th? ^^ oh damn did i jst destroy the surprise im so sry *evil grin *desperate look

  2. oj another great idea:
    a chapter every second hour on the 23rd ^^ 12-13chaps available on the 23rd sooo (countdownish)

    chapters ina random order? ^^ (spoilerish)

    releasing chapters and sending a ddos attack as present to mangareader? (father christmas sees everything)

    releasing chapters each attached with an unique riddle?(tom riddle^_^)

    …im not out of ideas yet…

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