Bad news

Hey all. Yesterday, my computer literally crashed out of nowhere. My photoshop files, translations, fonts, everything was lost in one single moment. Don’t bother asking, I have no clue what the fuck happened, but *poof* my computer crashed on itself. Honestly, scans are the last thing in my mind, since all my data and stuff is gone, but I’m giving a heads up as to what happened. I’ll probably be getting another computer soon, but I don’t know when the next scans will be. Hopefully soon. With that said, merry christmas to all. Sure isn’t merry for me. Sucks, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.


20 responses to “Bad news

  1. Dont be mad. Bring your computer to a professionnal. Even if you cant see them that didnt mean that they are lost.

  2. SUCKS MAN!!

    make sure to unhook the harddrives and put them in another pc (without booting from them) this can help you recover the data from it hope it helps out..

    Good luck

  3. Bummer, sorry to hear that for you, I guess at least you’ve got the “new computer” bright-spot though right? πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas anyways, don’t let it get you down.

  4. Shit, hardly even got words for how bad that sucks. Never had a HD crash myself but a friend of mine lost 10 months of research for his masters assignment just a few weeks back. He sent it to a specialist so they were able to recover most of it, but it ran him about €2 000 so depends on whether itΒ΄s worth it for you or not.

  5. There are several hardware component in a computer. There’s a high chance the hard drive’s still working, and you can recover the data from it πŸ™‚
    Search google, or go in a shop πŸ˜‰

  6. Ye ive heard that so many times from friends and other ppl online that i save all my work related files online at gmail or dropbox or whatever

    and to every1 merry christmas… and try to forget those damn computers for a while, enjoy yourselfs!
    …and a happy new year !

    • THis data is too much for small budget like omas to save online. So it best for him to get harddrive encloure or other device function similar. This way he can connect to old harddrive and read it.

  7. I’ve had that happen before, most of the time the hard-drives are still usable, so dont give up hope on your files. sometimes all you have to do is plug them into a new computer and access the files that way.

  8. thats a shame…i can understand, mine did the same thing during the summer, the lesson learned – back everything on computer to external harddrive obsessively or do as my dad does – 3 external harddrives :)…at least you wouldnt loose as much in the future (seriously, hes got, like, 12 years worth of data backed up 3 times, its a little worrying at times…)

  9. Try the following
    #1 As stated above, take out the hard drive and try it in another computer. If you here a ticking noise from the hd, shut down the computer, and your best bet is skipping to #4.
    #2 If you have a problem with the Master File Table, use a program like recuva.
    #3 If the partition table is corrupt, using a program like photorec for would be your best bet.
    #4 If all those fail, either try data recovery services, or the freezer trick.

  10. I’ve pretty much discovered Korean work with you and I’m very grateful for broadening my universe and for what you have done until now. thank you, I wish you the best year ever in 2014.

  11. That sucks. The same thing happened to me about half way through the semester. Hopefully you will be able to recover most of your data and files.

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