Happy new year’s eve.

Hello all. I’m sure some wondered what happened after my computer died. Well, I managed to get a new one a couple days later. I couldn’t save anything before my computer sputtered and died, but after some time my new one is pretty much up to speed apart from a couple things I lost. Despite the short amount of time I have, I’ll be releasing a couple of chapters over the next couple days to make up for Christmas. There will be some changes, though. Since I lost my entire font-cache, I decided to redownload the ones I remember and swap out the ones I don’t with new ones, which will be reflected in the chapters. Also, Vendetta scans graciously cleaned the chapters for me, so there’s them to thank as well. There is still a ton to be done and redone, so the chapters will come out whenever I feel ready to release them. I’ll give a heads up when I feel everything is up to speed, but until then, bear with me. Until 2014 then!


8 responses to “Happy new year’s eve.

  1. Happy to hear ur new pc is up and running with no problems. on a pc note, u should get an external drive or something to keep everything on so if ur pc dies u won’t lose nething. either way hope u had a great christmas and happy new years to u OMAS and thanks for the chapters that will come

  2. Unless your HDD itself completely failed you can easily get all your data back man..There are many ways.. easiest just hooking it up to another computer..
    Happy New Years.

  3. If you have reasonable internet you should actively work inside a Google drive synced folder or something. Then it’ll keep uploading your files as you go!

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