New Year’s Release!

Last New Year’s release. I’m still reeling from all the stuff I’ve lost, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I was going to do another chapter, but since this chapter had such a delicious cliff-hanger, I decided to stop here. I’ll be releasing another chapter next week so stay tuned! Hahaha.

IremenzuVol.2 Chapter 130-



21 responses to “New Year’s Release!

  1. Well that was mean, and good choice!! Fenelia’s face in last frame is why i love the bitch. And she floats all godly like with open arms, LOVE MAGICIAN!!

  2. Happy new year! Thank you for those 3 chapters. It’s a great new year’s present.
    I love your comments at the end of each chapter. It’s really adding a light sadistic fun touch.
    Start reading
    Before reading it, Magician was my favorite read, so even if it’s completely different from Magician, I hope some of you will have as much pleasure as I had/have reading it.

  3. Thank you so much for the updates….Three updates in three days!!! I was so giddy about it, I didn’t know what to say but, THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. “Delicious cliffhanger.” Oh my, I’m looking forward to reading. Thanks for all your hard work on this series.

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