Alright. New chapter and an announcement.

Okay. From now on, my releases will be pretty sporadic. I’m not saying I’ll stop for like a month before another release or anything but I’ll adjust the chapters according to my schedule. Anyways, I’ll give a heads up and announce when the next chapter will probably be to save some hassle on this site. On the up-side, every release I do will probably be followed by a daily release. Isn’t that nice? Ah, and there’s another chapter tomorrow and the day after so look forward to that.

Without further ado…

20131016174549_e3d75f13584fb443c5a7a615e85aa047_IMAG01_20Vol.2 Chapter 131-

P.S.- I’ll get around to spoilers later this weekend. I guess some really want it.


17 responses to “Alright. New chapter and an announcement.

  1. ty oma
    as a question from someone a little curious what is your favorit character in magician and what is your general idea about the manga

    • My favorite character(s) would probably be Molly and Pierre. Though if I had to choose between the two, it’d be Pierre. As for the general idea, I really love how the story flows in directions one doesn’t expect. It keeps things interesting, unlike series like Soul Cartel, which I dropped because it was too repetitive. Ah, the fact that each chapter is really long is also a nice touch. Though it’s more of a curse from a scanlator’s point of view.

      • Wow you like Pierre, he actually is pretty cool, the crimson eyes, the look and that skill is very unique. If he uses telekinesis the idea is really inovative. They complete each other very well, Molly magic looks pretty cool too
        Magician is for grown-ups, and soul cartel is really childish, it’s great having your feed back on the series

  2. You sure you don’t wanna try hire someone to do a little proofreading or cleaning? I’m sure if you asked for a finished/cleaned copy of every single of the remaining chapters a zip file would magically show up at your doorstep within a couple of days.. =)

    • Actually, Vendetta is doing the cleaning for me which is nice. As for proofreading, at the pace I work on scans, it’ll slow down the process. I guess I’ll have to try eliminating all mistakes before release, but there are bound to be a mistake or two I missed.

      • Oh, and the last few chapters were done on my laptop, so there’s a slight drop in quality. I usually work with two-three monitors so that it’s easier to keep track of everything, but when everything is crammed onto one screen, shit happens.

  3. Huh, wait, do you really plan another chapter for tomorrow? That’s so great! Last chapter cliff-hanger was nothing compared to this one.

  4. man, Edermask is just not giving a single fuck.
    Enzu is going to have to pull something out of his ass if he wants to stop Iremi from going Super Sayan on this chick

  5. Well, w options; Souh witch Mode strikes again, or we are having an opening allowing edermask tô oneshoot herói, proofing she wssnt as much as she manter, Just kike edan, Janus anda himself say.
    Just my opinion

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