Daily release day 3

20131030162858_a0d9e424daf3251566f809d0f7aad3d5_IMAG01_13Here’s the last chapter of daily releases. It’s hell of a cliff hanger so I stop here. Idk when next release will be, but it’ll probably be within 2-3 weeks. Anyways, enjoy.

Vol.2 Chapter 133- http://adf.ly/c1AMk

P.S.- Spoilers are up.


46 responses to “Daily release day 3

  1. look i found an amazing cliffhanger lets stop here for a while #omascansisevil

    But still we cant help loving you

  2. Hi, thanks for the chapters :D. Very good work as usual, I just noticed 1 typo in this chapter( a irregular casttime instead of an)

    • Compared to Iremi’s skill and battle ability, her cast time is pretty long. This is due to Iremi using drawing mana out of nature since she’s sealed and can’t tap into her own powers. Since Fenelia is both physical/magical, as long as Iremi has cast time she can take her down.

      • I thought the seal broke when iremi was pushed into a corner by shadow ? Also I have come to the conclusion that fenelia and iremi are from the Sam hidden clan and fenelia is the first child Wanda placed the seal on.
        Also I just want to you. You are the man. This is become one of my favorite manga easily. Keep up the good work and i can’t wait for the next chapter. I keep reading the past 3 chapters over and over…. Simply amazing.

  3. wha…how…who…WHAT?!
    but besides this epic twist you would think Janus would surgically install a muzzle on this chick DX does she ever shut her yap?

  4. I usually don’t leave comments, but man you rock my boat with your scans. Thanks for your dedicated free time in Magician, really appreciated. Heads and thumbs up from the far west corners of Europe, the Netherlands!!

  5. Ah… Omascans, if I had my way, I’d keep you locked in a room and force you to release more. But I love you too much for that, sadly.
    Thank you so much for doing these releases in your spare time! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  6. i love fenelia. she’s a bloody monster in every sense… notice how she catchs up with every in a single instant either fighting or figuring out stuff? fenelia loveee twisted personality!! twisted twisted!!!

  7. Man, that was one hell of a chapter. Seriously, I might not be able to sleep now. Haha! Thanks a lot for every single chapter that you’ve released until now. Take your time and have fun in real life 😉

  8. Yo! It hasn’t been long since I started reading and I’ve really enjoyed catching up, so thanks a lot for working on this.

  9. Hey. I usually don’t leave comment or stuff, keeping to reading various series, but considering the amount of work you pull off working alone it’s not like taking 5 minutes of my time would do any harm, eh? Thanks for the all the work provided—as for feedback, there’s usually not much to complain about, ‘cept the occasional your/you’re confusion. The releases are pretty clean, even, keeping in mind how long the chapters are and that you’re alone.
    I just voted in the left-side poll on a whim and the numbers surprised me. Looks like there are a ton more people reading than I thought; and those numbers are only the people dropping by this blog where the poll is, right?

  10. I really appreciate the hard work you do in order to bring this series to the people. Thank you for a job well done.

  11. You know I have to say, Magician REALLY pulled me in and didn’t let go. Months later and I’d say its honestly one of if not THE BEST comics I’ve ever read. From the art work to the story. And your scans are of REALLY good quality. Honestly. From the vocabulary chosen to the amount of mistakes made to just the overall quality. I’ve read some pretty bad scans from some scan groups (Still very much appreciated, just saying). Sometimes the words chosen are just sort of lazy but here it’s truly awesome. Just have to give a long winded Thank You LOL. It was hell waiting for issue 310 these past few months.

  12. I’m guessing that fenalia is the girl that wandra talked about in her letter and also thanks a lot for the scans omas

  13. Thank you OMAS for your time in translating Magician for us! *clap clap* It is very generous of you to spend your time in providing us with awesome scans. I am not very familiar with the ratings for the qualities of scans, but as I have read many (many) mangas and web comics, I have to say that your scans are great! Good cuts to the next scene, emotional font, and very clean editing! With over 300 chapters already done for us, I can see that you are quite a pro at this! Thank you again!

  14. OMAscans you are awesome. But man, really, stopping on THAT cliffhanger – you make me want to go learn Korean!

  15. Waiting for the new chapter..thanks for the release.. cant wait for the next chapter..ohh iremi cant wait to see ur true potential power..

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