Daily release day 1

Here’s the first chapter of the week. Pretty short, but lot of plot stuff. Well, here you go.

Vol.2 Chapter 134- http://adf.ly/coJYw

20131106145144_ad7b95bc746d3cbf30dc85fd31075e4b_IMAG01_8PS- Spoilers will be up soon.



17 responses to “Daily release day 1

  1. Thank you for the release! What a crazy family …

    And it is great to hear for your midterms, keep up the good work!

  2. A simple:

    Holy sh*& resumes my thoughts over this chap.
    Holy damn how are they gonna deal with this now… Edermask sure wont be able to spare his strenght now…

    Hope she undoe’s Iremi’s seal and gets herself some trouble.

    • Or whatever Edermask is heading towards will help Iremi and is just as ridiculous or sinister as it feels it will be. Edermask is to gray for dues ex machina so I am hoping for black arts or really twisted magic.

  3. thanks dude. Congratulations on your mid-term, hope you get into your uni of choice, get a greta job work yourself to death yadayadayada

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