Daily release day 2

Here’s the new chapter. Tomorrow’s chapter is quite lengthy and has a lot of text, along wit a good cliffhanger (While the next chapter has a more ‘conclusion’ feeling) so I’m ending it tomorrow. I’ll have at least 4 chapters next release in return, though.



Vol.2 Chapter 135- http://adf.ly/cqkCu


10 responses to “Daily release day 2

  1. I just wish they spit it all already. Some days with a Iremi with a confused mind and then we’ll have the strongest character. I wonder if Iremi will turn into a psycho too.. hope not.
    Thanks btw ^^

    • Reinforcing her seal meant she had to read ancient script. Rather than telling her she’s strengthening her seal, they may have just asked her to read some ancient texts.

    • I certainly hope she is mad. We may not have lost Dirt if she did not have the seal!

      Fenellia is awesome and I hope Iremi goes from ridiculous strength to whatever she was using against shadow because Iremi being cocky is always fantastic.

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