I’m delaying the release to next week. Then again, I did say my releases were random. And yes, this is due to Bravely Default. If anything blame the game. After my gauntlet of midterms, I find it difficult to put this game down.


21 responses to “Delay

      • I second the spoilers! We all appreciate your tireless scanlations immensely. But I for one have an addiction to knowing what happens in the chapters. And without spoilers, I can only look at Naver and pine after the great OMAS’ spoilers and scans. And by pine, I mean obsess to the point of trying to type things into Google Translate, only to get gobbledygook translations.

        I will figuratively (MAYBE LITERALLY) die without spoilers/scanlations! (P.S. Thanks for all your hard work.)

    • There were some days the author took a week off since he was sick. (Never happened since volume 2) and there were also some filler “bonus” chapters as well (which I have already translated a long time ago).

  1. i have to say out of all the scan groups out there you’re the only one who doesn’t completely bullshit us, updates and chapters whenever you get spare time, plus multiple releases all the time, you’re the best man.

  2. Epic game. My friends couldn’t drag me away from it and it took me 80 hours to finish haha. There’s a point where it gets a little repetitive but the game is still challenging enough to keep your interest. Valkyrie ftw .-.

    Thanks for all your hard work with magician! I’m constantly amazed at how quick the releases are.

  3. Nice i play bravely default too. I know it is random, but if you still need friend codes for abilink and what not hit me up. I started like a week ago. Still looking for the elixir mammon, i’m afraid. Don’t want to post mine in public, but i assume you can see my e-mail when i post. If not we can work something else out. Lastly, thanks again for all your work on Magician.

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