Hey all. I have a favor to ask.

To those who are miraculously still visiting my site, you must all wonder the inactivity of it for the past couple weeks. This college quarter has been quite tough and I have had little time to do much else. Right now I’m in the middle of a research paper, and it would be really really helpful if you could spare just 2-3 minutes to take this survey. I just need about 90 responses and I’m set. I have a deadline for this Thursday, so once I finish, I promise I’ll upload as much translations for various projects as I can as my gauntlet of papers and midterms will be over by May 9th.

TL;DR- Take this survey for my research paper and I will shower you with translations.

EDIT: Wow, I got everything I needed in a day.

Thanks for reading, even if you didn’t take my survey.



23 responses to “Hey all. I have a favor to ask.

  1. Hi, took the survey for you., but , the link does not redirect correctly and you need the shrink all the pictures on that survey to the same smaller size if you can. The different large sizes make the survey off-putting. Thanks for the translations…

  2. Woh, those logo were big, that’s quite something to get Google logo so big behind your eyes 😀

    Hope it helped 🙂

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