Magician and Yureka

…Will be translated. Idk about the 3rd one. I’ll catch up to date on Magician and finish up Yureka then think about it. Translations will start coming Sunday and a couple more on the following days.

Also, I have this 30 second survey for my research paper. Please please please take it if you have the spare time. It’s all clicking, and there are only 10 questions. It would be much appreciated.



Until Sunday then.

15 responses to “Magician and Yureka

  1. The survey is completed. OMas i have question, since no one seem to ask the manga i wished to be continued and all. I would like to ask if Antimagia manga was suddenly dropped or no one cares? Is Vagabond also in some break or was also dropped? I would love to have the new series of Grappler Baki translated, very much. New manga Hive was just taken by EGScans, that was the only one i thought to ask about the Korean ones.
    Hope you can still work on Magician, if it’s not too demanding that is. Great weekend to you

    • Vagabond just updates at a real slow pace. Idk what’s up with Antimagia. Baki’s cool, but it’s fanbase is pretty niche.

      • Many thanks for the reply, seems like Vagabond will return in July. But as for Antimagia, there are others interessed that i read on the internet. But it was only 2 volumes as it’s on Mangaupdates and it seems like it doesnt feature the magazine anymore. Yeah Baki is the coolest. In fact i have been roaming in the web with hopes for someone to translate Dogesen, also from Itagaki Keisuke. I find the art superb but many find it awful.. Thanks once again

  2. Dude, I’m done taking the survey. I wish you good luck with your study.

    I really like NoNameD but it seems releases are a tad late. I also find Magical exam student interesting. Btooom is also a favorite.

    I hope one of those three would make it to the third spot. Thanks man!

  3. Done with survey… hopes Cavalier of the Abyss get translated^^ anyways thank you!

  4. i did it i hope it helps! anyway i’d love if you could keep translating magician (despite mangajoy’s scans) and i liked the one you started before magical exam student i think it was…
    well that’s about it then good luck and thanks man

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