Here’s the rest of Episode 33, “True Power”. More coming tomorrow. Also please take my survey for my research paper. It doesn’t even take a minute, I swear. (Unless you think hard or click really slow)

Survey Link:

Translation link:[OMAS]_Magician_Translations_3.doc

4 responses to “Translations

  1. Hey OMAS, the survey link doesn’t work, it links to a blank page, however, inputting the surveymonkey address manually works.

    • P.S. I want to help help with the survey, but there are some quesitons that I simply can’t answer, e.g. the consistency and trustworthiness of companies like Coca Cola, since I never cosume any products of the Coca Cola company. The survey doesn’t let me continue to the next question without answering though. Perhaps questions could have an “I don’t know/I have no opinion” option?

      • P.P.S. And as always, thank you for your continued hard work on Magician and Yureka ^^

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