14 responses to “Even more translations

  1. woohoo!!! Thank you Omas! now if a scanlation group would just post new chapters with your translations….^^

    • I know. I stated this very clearly in my earlier posts. People still wanted Magician translations so that’s what I’m doing. I’m doing Yureka next.

    • Hope not. If we have to waite on naver to translate up to te point it is translated its going to take 342 weeks to catch up 😦

  2. It seems that Mangajoy has dropped Magician after 348 chapter due to Iremi second personality. This series has no luck to scanlation groups. Is it possible to continue Magician translation here? Even as simple text script – raws are accessible on comic.naver.com. Or is it dead end now?

  3. Hey, OMA, is there any chance you could give your translations to NAVER? So that maybe they can quickly be up to date, and continue updating it with good quality. Because, honestly, NAVER will take years to translate it all, and Mangajoy graphic quality is low.

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