If any of you are feeling rather charitable, the donations can be linked here.


While none are obliged in any sort of way to donate, it will (hopefully) go to a good cause. I am NOT demanding donations. The scans I do is all my own free(?) will and I am NOT trying to profit from it in anyway.

But, any amount is received gratefully. Even a dollar would be much appreciated.


58 responses to “Donations

  1. glad to help someone doing this kinda work for free, fast and alone. kudos to you mate πŸ™‚

  2. I give you one of my dollars gladly, we all appreciate your work, and thank you for it

    Oh by the way I’m uzumaki_kyoshiro from manga fox XD

    Good luck and keep up the good work =D

  3. yes but when you caught up with it are u planning on adding any other manhwa because it comes out once a week

    • Actually, once I am done catching up with Magician, I am planning on adding other manhwas. Also, I’m brushing up on my Japanese right now (I speak it fluently, but struggle a bit with the kanji) so I was also planning on working on manga as well.

      • is the god of High school one of those also am will to donate a reasonable amount to great work

      • To be honest, I’m not too comfortable with taking over series others are doing. (I got flack for working on Magician). Also, choosing a series right now might be a little rash. Mainly because it might be picked up by another scanlator before I reach up to date with Magician. For instance, I was planning to pick up “How to survive in a fantasy world” (Known as Fantasy world survival for some odd reason) but it was picked up by another group. *Also note that GoHS is about 6 chapters behind the actual release, which is not much. Magician on the other hand was backlogged by near 160 chapters.

  4. Just a small thank you for your hard work, You have been cranking them out “Like a Boss”. I hate that catchphrase, but I think it applies here.

  5. Well, you definitely picked a great (and rare) type of manhwa, and as a thanks for your efforts for the first time in my life I will donate to a scanlator for his hard work. So if nothing else, you get a few free beers. Thanks for all the chapters.

    PS: How did you learn japanese/korean and what’s the best way to do so (books, audio, progs. like rosetta stone etcetc.) ?

    • I’m Korean, so speaking Korean is pretty natural for me. (Though when I was around 7 my parents sent me off to Korea with nothing more than 20$ with some random family. I had to survive alone for a month. Iyaaa~ that sure was hard. But I learned a lot of Korean.) And as for Japanese, I just picked it up after watching animu (believe it or not) and I learned to read it in my spare time. But If I had to recommend anything, best way to learn is by doing something you enjoy. Learning words and lyrics by listening to music, reading manhwa or manga, etc. At least that’s how it was for me. It’s a longer route than taking a class, but it’s a much more enjoyable one, that’s for sure.

  6. Dude i never read manga but this manga is the shit!! I salute you, and thx for the hard work we are enjoying it.
    and not only do i read for the first time but i will also be donating for the first time to a manga :p ”WTF right” cant belief it mt self

    • he’s providing a free translation service for non-korean speakers so that they can enjoy magician too. no one is obligated to donate and in similarity, omas isn’t obligated to translate it (if i remember correctly on a certain thread in the mangafox forums, he’s doing it for a friend…. though, it seems like it’s expanded since then).

      it’s nice that people appreciate his work enough that they donate.
      anyways, here’s $5 to you omas! keep up the work!

  7. i’ve donated and i’ve asked for a donation page since there was none to be found, so yeah, he opened a path for me to read this great story i didnt even know existed, and he did it alone, fast and with good quality ( truth be told, a lot better now xd). he deserves every cent he gets and if you dont like it dont read it or dont come here to bitch about . Thx again for the hard work and dont mind haters, sadly the interwebz is full of them .

  8. Thank you very much for your hard work ! You can’t imagine how much it is a pleasure for me to be able to have my daily chapter of Magician. you really deserve donation πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you very much for your greate worke. i can not donate dont have a credit card and i dont live in the USA or Canada. But you have my full support in your harde work on this greate manga kip up the good work.
    from sweden

  10. i really love magician and i have a cold so i really cant do much except for sit at home and wait to get better so thank you for the entertainment and keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  11. Just curious~ Why do you use I mean Magician is a webcomic, right? And you are already getting paid by Batoto & MPi + donations?!?

      • I really appreciate your work and I’m thankfull you’re doing it.
        MPi= Manga Pirate.
        Paid in the sense that you’re a member of Batoto’s revenue sharing policy. You know their policy to share money with scanlators. Not sure about MPi.
        I am not against you. I was just curious.

  12. Hey, great work! I love the series! Happy holidays, I definitely want to donate and plan to once I start working again.

  13. Well, puhhh, i have read 250 Chapters (66) in a row and think you deserve a little gift!

    Sincerely a fan ^^

  14. Hi! want to say thanks for the scans i just finish reading magician and considering it’s a one man work u absolutely did a great job. I’m anticipating for more updates soon.. It’s not much but I hope it helps:)

  15. Hey man you deserve some compensation I know you enjoy doing this stuff but I gotta say I’m extremely impressed on how you kept this up over the past several months πŸ˜€

  16. I just chucked you a measly 10 bucks. Not that it is much, but I’m kind of a miser when it comes to discretionary spending. Thank you for providing this series to my non – Korean reading eyes. I can’t stress enough how much I prefer this to the typical manga scanlations. It is really set aside as something special in quality for me. Thank you for letting me read this truly great series.

  17. thank you for your hard work! I really enjoy this manhwa. Donated $10 as a small token of appreciation. πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks OMAS for you’re hard work ,
    Happy anniversary, donated $20 for the 100th chapter and for you’re hard work .

  19. this is my first time on a blog but i just loved this manhwa so much so i came here to donate some money to bad tho … *sad face* :C still i want to support this manhwa !! Lots of love to this Manhwa! πŸ˜€

  20. Thank you very much for all your hard work, we would be missing out on some amazing reading without you.
    I hope you will continue to rejoice us with your translations for a long time!^^

  21. Donation sent. Thanks for your passion. One suggestion for manhwa: Player Kill. It was a good read, then the scanlator never update it.

  22. i hope that i can give you many donation that i want, but all i can do is to praise you to your hard work and keep it up and more update to come. FIGHTING !!!!!

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