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 All spoilers will be left as is until I return.


OLD CHAPTER– Edermask awakes from his injuries. Marie feigns as if she had lost her memories. Years go by. Edermask is still in horrible condition, unable to even lift his arm. Winter is cold. Three days of constant snowing. Mosdie steps outside with Marie, stating that Edermask himself may not want to recover, fearing what would happen next. Having lost everything, Edermask seems to be at loss on what to do. As Marie takes care of him, Edermask asks Marie why she is doing all this. He knows she remembers. Marie starts talking about the period she lost her memories. She talks about how that period of time was the happiest moments of her life. Looking back before she lost her memories, she believes she never felt alive. In that sense, she is grateful. She still refers to him as hubby due to this. It took time for her to become honest with herself, but she has come to terms with herself. Edermask says “Isn’t calling me hubby still too much? We aren’t a couple.” and Marie goes off on him and everything fades to the present. They soon part with the beasts (Which freaking sucks) and go off. Iremi’s just pissed cause Marie saw Edermask naked. And when Molliviore wakes up, she faints once more. In the shadow, Fenelia’s men observe, waiting for a chance to strike.

OLD CHAPTER– Mosdi looks out the window. Says it’s about time they left. Edermask looks at the party and states the location they are headed to is somewhere familiar. Claudemonde. Edermask says he can’t give specifics but there is one thing he needs there before he goes towards Arumio. The party will split into three. Enzu, Iremi, and Edermask in one. Matthew, Marie, and Mosdi in another. Molly, Pierre, Kal, and Ellie in the last. They depart at different times so they don’t arouse suspicion. Fenelia’s soldiers catch on and send a report. The original trio have some small talk then depart. Fenelia receives the report and departs.

OLD CHAPTER– The trio is moving along. Edermask asks whether Enzu regrets coming with him. Enzu says he realizes his shortcomings. Some nostalgic talk. Fenelia gets a gist on the direction Edermask is headed. Concludes Claudemonde is the destination. (Sharp) Fenelia literally flies towards Edermask’s party like dragonball. Enzu asks Edermask to compare his skills to Time to see how far apart their skills are. Edermask tells him to cut a mountain. Enzu says he knows he can’t. Edermask then replies, “If it were Time… He would have unsheathed his sword and swung, whether he knew he would slice the mountain or not.” Enzu feels his shortcomings then moves on.

OLD CHAPTER- Molly’s group is walking down their route. They have some small talk then stop for a break. There, Kal asks for Molly’s reason for tracking down Edermask. She says she had a small encounter with him, but the story behind it isn’t as grand as Iremi’s or anyone else’s. Pierre says it’s the first time hearing about it for himself, as well. Switch to Matthew’s group. There Mosdie asks Matthew if she sought Edermask for his looks like the other women. Marie and Mosdie start to argue and Matthew thinks to herself “It’s as if I’m looking at Enzu and Iremi’s future.” Matthew states she doesn’t care about Edermask and just tagged along with the two kids since she liked them. Mosdi tries to appeal to Matthew when she says “The age gap is too much.” “A man weaker than me is…” and also says “The thing I hate the most is when a man has an indecisive nature.” There Mosdi tries to appeal some more when Matthew delivers the finishing blow and says “I never had any interest in you to begin with” and walks away. Joking around, of course. Iremi’s party is traveling and asks Edermask why head to Claudemonde. Well, if you all don’t remember, Claudmonde apparently sealed away a powerful beast. According to Edermask, he is going to try taming the beast, since the beast will be powerful enough to rival Janus. Then out pops Fenelia who was waiting for Edermask.

OLD CHAPTER– Zena comes to report to Edan. She states she’s worried about hearing no word of Fenelia. Edan tells her to take no heed, since if anything happens, he’ll personally take care of it. Fenelia approaches the party. Edan and Iremi are shocked that she can fly, saying it’s the same technique Janus uses. Edermask just attacks her on sight. Fenelia attacks Enzu and he blocks her attack. Iremi retaliates by attacking back, but has no effect. She comments how they are pretty decent. Enzu and Iremi are now bracing themselves for a tough fight. From the looks of it, Edermask will probably take her out in the next chapter.

OLD CHAPTER- Fenelia gets annoyed by Iremi and Enzu and decide to take it a little bit more seriously. She lands a blow on Iremi and Enzu and she believes they’re either knocked out or dead. Fenelia is disappointed in their level of skill and by the fact Edermask seems unperturbed. She laughs and says this part of him is akin to Janus. Just when she’s about to attack him, Iremi counter attacks and Enzu does the same. She’s quite surprised then turns grim. “I see what you’re planning now” she says to Edermask. Edermask is basically planning to use her as experience points for Iremi and Enzu so they can level up. Fenelia says she’ll take this seriously now and tells Edermask not to regret it.

OLD  CHAPTERS- Fenelia tackles Iremi first. While Iremi tries to hold her back, Fenelia easily breaks through. The other groups hear the ruckus and think about heading back, but realize they won’t make it in time and decide to hurry on. Enzu’s just watching as Fenelia announces if that’s all Iremi has, she will be on the attack. Iremi had set a trap for her all along and catches her off guard. Enzu stands in awe and his sword mentions how she won’t be downed by an attack of this level. The last lines by Fenelia are “I see why he would want to raise you.” as in I see why Edermask would want to raise you to become stronger.

Fenelia asks for Iremi’s name and gives her name in return. Enzu’s sword mentions how Iremi won’t last on her own and that this will be good practice against Edan. Enzu is on the offense while Iremi gives him support. The best combination as of the moment. Enzu goes on the attack and Fenelia is impressed that he really is propelling wind. The three fight and Fenelia mentions to herself that they prove to be an annoying combination. She then recalls talking to Janus and how he mentioned meeting a young swordsman and magician traveling with Edermask. She says the kid swordsman has the skills of a skilled veteran and how the magician has bottomless potential like hers. Perhaps even more than her, he says. She realizes it’s the two she is facing right now then after she stops Enzu’s attack she says “How’s wandra doing? Is she still well? That damn hag.”

OLD CHAPTER- Fenelia laughs and says “I thought what if… But to think it was true.” She utilizes flame magic and shocks everyone. Edermask goes on to talk about the Witch of the South. “200 years ago, the witch of the south appeared, caused havoc, then disappeared. ” “Was the reason for disappearance… Due to Arumio taking you under his wing?” he says. Fenelia utilizes nature magic and Enzu decides to keep quiet on what he knows. He can’t let Iremi find out the truth. Fenelia says Iremi is probably the daughter of her older sister. A niece of hers. Iremi is shocked and Fenelia is surprised she didn’t know. “Wandra didn’t tell you? I see… So it’s like that.” And starts cackling. She curses at Wandra saying how she’s now scamming people and says “I thought the seal used on you was a bit different than mine… But… To think it was something like this.” and the chapter ends.

OLD CHAPTER- Fenelia asks Iremi if she really doesn’t know anything. Iremi is clueless as to what she is talking about and Fenelia tells her that her powers are sealed. Fenelia decides to let Iremi off with just this since she’s her niece. Fenelia heals Iremi’s wounds and tells her to unseal her powers and allow it to grow. She says next time she won’t let her off easy and that she’ll kill her if not. She then says she has unfinished business and attacks Edermask. Fenelia is surprised stating, “To think you would counterattack from that position. Did you really have enough time to do so?” She seems slightly disappointed in Edermask and before she leaves asks Edermask what resides in Claudemonde. Edermask doesn’t respond and she decides to go on her way. She’s looking forward to how they will grow and wonders if Iremi’s unsealed power will even exceed that of hers and Janus. Iremi is slightly bemused and says… “My powers are sealed?” “Why?” And the chapter ends.

OLD CHAPTER- As Fenelia anticipates what is going to happen, she realizes the injury she received from Edermask is worse than she thought. Apparently, it wasn’t a normal attack and it takes effect some time later. As she heals herself, she contacts Janus through Huan. She tells Huan that Edermask is headed towards Claudemonde and asks if something is there. Huan tells her a monster resides within Claudemonde and is sealed there. It is rumored that if you attain the monsters’ heart one attains an infinite supply of magical power. Huan asks whether she let Edermask go. Fenelia tries passing it off as if she was severely injured and healed herself. Afterwards, Fenelia looks forward to the future and laughs. Janus tells Huan it really was correct to send Fenelia. His only problem now is that if Edan finds out Phillis’ Edermask is fake, he’ll lose the motivation to keep fighting. Iremi is still in a state of shock. Edermask tells her that during the time within the forest of truth, he took a peek at her dream. He says that she was probably sealed since she was young and didn’t know how to control her powers and didn’t know right from wrong. Iremi says she understands that much, but doesn’t understand just why they haven’t told her now. She says she’s now all grown up and she can handle the power, so by keeping it a secret until now there must be something behind all this. Chapter ends there.

OLD CHAPTER– Edermask calms Iremi that she should trust in those whom she loves. That there is a reason for all this. Enzu secretly hands the letter he received to Edermask while he goes to support Iremi. As Edermask reads the letter, he realizes things could be much more troublesome than he first thought. The trio goes to clean up the mess that was made and wait for the others to arrive. They talk about Fenelia then depart for Claudemonde. Fenelia wakes up Rang and tells him to gather some competent underlings. Her last words being “I figure I should release some hunting dogs.”

OLD CHAPTER– Fenelia looks at the troops Rang called. He claims they are the competent ones within the bunch. She treats them like shit and calls them simple bait. If she is ever in trouble, they will be there to buy time so she can get away. (When fighting Edermask of course.) She acts all haughty and slaps Phobia for yawning. (lul) Another dude asks what’s going on and Fenelia stomps him down. After commanding the troops through fear, she goes after Edermask. Enzu and Edermask discuss more in depth on Iremi’s condition and talk about what actions to take. Edermask concludes that there is much power and knowledge in Claudemonde so maybe they can find a hint there. The party arrives in Claudemonde and Rang and co. isn’t far behind.

New Chapter- Fenelia delivers a report to Edan, leaving out Edermask and pretty much everything else. Zena is suspicious, but Edan tells her to leave her be. The party arrives in Claudemonde. The kid from back then is now the head priest. The party is surprised by the flower fields. Short chapter since author’s condition sucked.

New Chapter- The party eats and enjoys the view. Edermask drops the bomb by saying he’s here for the ancient monster. Head priest says he cannot lead him and tells him to scram. Edermask threatens him by saying he’ll kill everyone if he doesn’t. Also mentions if there is blood to be shed, it will be his (head priest’s) first.

New Chapter- Iremi scolds Edermask and the head priests laughs and is calmed down. He agrees on one condition. He’ll lead them to the entrance, however, they will be unable to release the seal. In the case it proves to be impossible, Edermask is to give up. The party is relieved and start talking about what to do. As they step out, they see hundreds of priests lined up. Edermask feels he’s been scammed. In other words, if anything goes wrong, the priests will seal them with the monster.

New Chapter- Ellie and Kal stay behind. The rest decide to follow. As they go down Head Priest makes conversation. He talks about the meaning of the staircase and all this other stuff. Lastly he warns them that this decision may be quite an important one. Edermask thinks to himself that his resolve has been long set since 400 years back. As they reach this large area with pillars, Head Priest mentions that this is 1/3 in. The party decides to rest

New Chapter- As they rest, the Head Priest gives the backstory on the monster. Talks about how powerful it was and how it had to be sealed since it couldn’t be defeated. Edermask is undaunted and says he will decide after he sees it for himself. The atmosphere grows heavier and heavier as they descend down the staircase. They finally reach the end. Meanwhile, Janus is visited by an unexpected guest…

New Chapter- As the party goes in, the atmosphere grows heavier. They reach the door and the head priest opens it. He warns them that this is their last chance to turn back. While everyone hesitates, Edermask steps in. A voice rings out: “So you had the nerve to come back. Dortellis.” As the party echoes the name Dortellis, it switches back to Janus. “Good of you to return. Dortellis.” End of chapter. He sure looks like a dragon. Maybe Matthew’s father?

New Chapter- Janus and Dortellis go up to the veranda and converse. Janus thanks Dortellis, telling him that taking over the Aruman empire was much easier due to him. Janus starts to talk to him about Claudemonde and speaks whether he has regrets and all these roundabout topics. He then asks whether he can defeat the ancient monster sealed within Claudemonde. Dortellis says, “So in the end, curiosity won out.” he then says how he and Janus are friends now, but in the past that wasn’t the case. Dortellis says that he would be willing to go up against Janus again to challenge him. However, if it’s the ancient monster, he says he wouldn’t even want to meet eyes with it. Janus asks about whether its heart bestows infinite mana. Dortellis answers telling him that since the monster was so powerful and invincible, rumors must have spread that it contained something special such as infinite mana and that it is all a rumor. Janus seems slightly disappointed in that Edermask won’t stand a chance, then it cuts off to Edermask and co. The High Priest is shocked that the monster spoke. This never happened before. While the party is stunned, the monster chides Dortellis. The High Priests answers the monster, telling him that there’s been a misunderstanding. The party is perplexed as to whom this monster is speaking to. Once Matthew comes into the room, the monster bursts out in laughter, saying that he must be growing old, since he mistook her smell for Dortellis’. “Kukukuku. This time the daughter appears, rather than the man himself. What happened to your father, and why did you bring these people along, young dragon? Where is Dortellis hiding? Has he already passed away?” Where Matthew can’t say a word other than… “My… Father?” END

New chapter- Everyone is shocked and confused that Matthew’s real father had been alive for 5000 years and had been one of the original members who sealed the beast away. Iremi questions Matthew whether or not she wanted to even find her father to begin with. She found it strange that after all this time, she didn’t bother searching for her family. Matthew on the other hand is pretty lax about the whole thing. She says she truly enjoys traveling with Iremi and co. and was planning to go off finding her father after everything they had to deal with was over with. She honestly can care less, considering her father left her mother to start with, and even though she suffered through childhood and had been sealed because of her lineage, she doesn’t care. The ancient monster is angered that they are busily chatting amongst themselves. As it threatens them, Edermask steps up and says, “I have come to receive your heart”. The monster laughs. It can’t believe how foolish humans have grown. It then cuts to Janus and Dortellis. Dortellis says that humans carry a certain power. That they are capable of change. He says that the current rulers of the earth isn’t dragons nor fairies, but humans. Even though dragons are hailed as immortal, humans will forever exist within the earth compared to Dragons. That the human race itself is immortal, so to speak. He then says that he believes immortality is the capability of infinite change and that humans always manage to evolve in surprising ways. He mentions Edermask may even attain the strength Janus wanted him to attain. The Ancient monster is curious. Edermask threatens the high priest to open the seal, and the monster is surprised he obeyed. The monster says, “To think this seal which has been protected for five thousand years would be undone so easily. I am trembling with excitement. What exhilaration.” And the chapter ends.

New Chapter- The seal has been partially undone. Enough so that Edermask can enter. The monster relishes the air for it has been 5000 years since he has been sealed. The killing intent is enough to make Molly faint and everyone tense. The prist thinks “What have I done…” and the Monster takes human form. As the monster approaches, the priest tells Edermask that he is not an opponent he can face. The monster says to Edermask, “You think you can takemy heart? Where that confidence comes from, god only knows…” Then Edermask blasts him with a thunderbolt. The monster relishes the blow, and talks about how he is once again alive and will tread upon the world.
New Chapter- After the monster’s monologue Edermask replies “Perhaps it is due to having been sealed for so long…” “But you talk too much.” and blasts the monster some more. The monster is impressed. “Has humans grown to be this powerful an existence?” he says. The party is terrified, not knowing the limits to this monster’s powers. The monster says his much of his powers are still under the seal and decides to test his current ability. He smashes the floor and the party (Except Edermask) is blown away. “What a disappointment. To think my body can’t even handle this much power” the monster says to himself. The monster, however, is impressed by Edermask, even asking whether he’s human and that he compares to Dortellis. Edermask tells the priest to undo the seal. The priest refuses and Edermask fries him. The monster asks whether he is overconfident or whether he can’t read the situation. However, the monster agrees that if he loses, he will give his heart. Edermask blasts the seal with lightning. The seal is now undone.

New Chapter- As Edermask continues to destroy the seal, Iremi and Enzu remark that this has gone beyond the point of no return. The monster says that at this rate, Edermask will be able to undo the seal all by himself within a hundred years (Which is a short amount of time for the monster). The monster says it feels much better with this much of the seal released. He says that as thanks, he will kill Edermask as painlessly as possible. Edermask replies with a thunderbolt to its head which then makes the monster change his mind about Edermask’s strength. The monster says that he underestimated Edermask and that his strength goes beyond Dortellis. As Edermask continues to break the seals, the monks all come to stop the seal from breaking. Edermask looks to Marie and Mosdi and tells them to stop the monks. Mosdi cracks his knuckles and says “Finally it’s our turn. I thought I would die from boredom. I may be lacking, but I’ll do as you order.” and the chapter ends.

New Chapter- Marie and Mosdi owns those priests. Marie can summon devils and has lightspeed movements. (Probably due to what happened to her in the short stories) As the seal slowly dissipates, Molliviore and Pierre prepare themselves for the worst. As Edermask breaks the chains, a sudden attack by the ancient monster is launched against Edermask. Iremi counterattacks but it has no effect. The monster decides to turn itself on the rest of the party when he realizes Edermask is near its own body. The monster suddenly stops what its doing and heads towards Edermask as he zaps the shit out of everything.

New Chapter- Marie and Mosdie are taking out the priests. After some time, the seal is broken. Kal senses that the battle is about to begin. The seal is released and Edermask is sent flying. Everyone mentions how they have no room to intrude on this battle. The monster praises Edermask for having made him serious for a brief moment. Talks about how it doesn’t feel bad being released after 5000 years. Edermask charges at the monster and he’s flung back. The monster says he’s slowly growing accustomed to his strength again. He takes a form more fit for fighting. “Now that I know this type of body is convenient for fighting, let us have another battle. H uman… Magician.”

New Chapter- The original trio attack the ancient monster. As the others watch the fight, Molly orders Pierre to go join in. The monster warns the party not to mistake him fighting because they are a worthy opponent. He basically stops fighting at their level. A blinding light blows away everyone, but they find that Matthew in dragon form protected them.

Matthew: “I really liked those clothes but now they’re all ruined. It was a full set too…”

Edermask: “After this is over… I’ll buy you all the clothes you wish.”

Matthew: “Hoh… I’ll take your word on that.”

Edermask: “Right.”

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  1. i want to thank you for your hard work Good job guys
    But i was wondering when are you picking up on the translation of he last few chapters
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    • Next week is dead week and the week after is finals. So a batch release will be out approximately 4 weeks from now? Don’t take my word on it though. People have to realize I’m not going to have chapters coming daily the day I finish finals. I need time to work on them.

  2. Ty for the spoilers!
    I’m so happy I din’t find them until today, having a bunch at once is always more fun 😀

  3. Thank very much for the spoiler, this was much unexpected for me. He looks very much like Matthew and there was this creature that looked like a dragon tailing Edermask. We’ll have to wait. It’s kinda good that the time you start this arc most of it could be read in one go. bye

  4. At this rate I am sure there is going to be another time skip where Enzu & Iremi train to catch up to the Edermask level…

  5. hey omascans, really appreciate the work with magician you are doing and have done so far, so a very big thanks to you!!

    Also cheers for updating the spoiler-page, I am a very frequent user here, likewise other people who I am very sure are really grateful too, who probably just like me usually sit in the shadows and enjoy your reading 🙂

  6. Thank you for the update and confirming Marie’s summonings, after Janus a pact with the devil and ally of Edermask, the girl really ask for a Hellish future with Hades

  7. Ty for the summaries! The fight with the monster is expectedly slow..I wonder if Iremi will be able to completely break her seal once she sees Edermask besten up…since Edermsdk doesnt seem capable of defeating the monster slone ^_^

  8. question. couldn’t molly just have taken off her clothes before transforming, it would have made a cool scene 😉

    • you little perv, though i think that or Matthew’s ripping her clothes while transforming being shown would be equally satisfying. There’s always the good thing, she will be naked soon lol, too bad Dirt’s not around to die from nosebleed

  9. Wow thanks for the translation the manga scans are so slow! 🙂
    Wonder if there will be another time skil after this as Enzu and Iremi are really way too weak right now to match the others.

    • That can’t happen following logic of this development, though it is a slow one. But Enzu’s problem is really lack of confidence, it has been shown that he has overall great swordmanship and he’s on superhuman level. They both need a push that will make them fo forward and a sudden one, not more time to train. Iremi really needs to unlock her power, just that will be more like 100 ch. I meant that Enzu has already built the body to do the movements to cut a mountain, the tricky part will be the other technique. cant wait to see

  10. I’ve come to this site so often for spoiler updates and never took the extra minute to thank you for all your hard work! I’d like to apologize for that and to again thank you for all the work in translating this. its MUCH MUCH appreciated.

  11. dude.. did you give up on magician? i’ve been waiting for so long and there are only two new chapters and whenever i go to this site i never see anything like news of you dropping it or something. and when i read the two new chapters in the comment section people said
    Thanks for picking Magician up, I’ve been waiting since December
    Yes! It’s so good to see that someone has picked up this series. You guys have my thanks!
    sooo… whats the truth? i mean, it would be a big shame if you dropped this cuz i actually like you and magician dude 😦

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