4 responses to “TRANSLATIONS

  1. Thanks for the translations :). I was wondering if you could add some reference to whom is speaking each line, since it’s a little difficult to follow it when we can’t see the speech bubbles.

    • The thing is, this is a script, not a summary. It’s really not meant to just be read, it’s meant to be used hand-in-hand with the raws while being either proofread, typeset or QC’d. In scanlating the chapter you’d literally go back and forth between the script and the raw chapter…… bubble by bubble and frame by frame.

      • Yeah, I know. Just thought that, because he is the one translating it, he might get a good idea of whom is speaking and could point it out. But if it’s too much trouble I really don’t mind reading it like this :).

  2. Hi, thanks alot for the translations :D. I was wondering where you found the picture in the translations section.

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