Thanks to everyone!

VOTE FOR THE SERIES YOU WANT. Just list a series here.

EDIT: You know what, just post what you want in this chat. I’ll go on time to time.


Wow, I got like everything I needed in a day. I don’t mean to sound like I’m taking advantage of you guys (Though I suppose I technically am) but my professor asked to add some additional multiple choice questions. I’ll be posting the link on Friday (Probably) and ask that if you have a spare minute or so (No fill in questions. All multiple choice. 10 questions at most.) please take it. It would be much much appreciated.


With that said… This quarter is really tough on me. I have a midterm tomorrow and a paper due the following date. I obviously can’t make my additional survey till Friday nor do I have the leisure to translate. I will begin posting translations SUNDAY. Sooooooooo…

POST HERE the series you want to be translated. It can be Japanese provided there’s furigana, but that will take much more time for me since my Japanese is pretty rusty apart from speaking it. Depending on the votes, I’ll take up to THREE series. If one of you guys can make a small poll on what you want and have the votes to show it, that’d help. (I know a lot of you guys want me to finish up Yureka)

Things to note: 1) Japanese translation will take longer, since I’m a bit rusty on it.

2) Mangajoy has been releasing slipshod translations of Magician, but they’re UP TO DATE. But they’re still translations. They’re not THAT bad. If you really want my translations on Magician, just vote for it.

3) Once you guys have down 3 series, I’ll take a poll on them to see which one I will burn through first. It’s a hassle to vote for 3 things and have each series at a 1/3 pace. I’ll burn through one after another. It’s better that way. You’re happy. I’m happy. We’re all happy.

TL;DR- Pick 3 series you want me to translate. I’ll hold a poll and do 3 series. If there aren’t at least 10 votes, I’l just work on Magician then Yureka next.

26 responses to “Thanks to everyone!

  1. First, I’m really not sure about how to feel towards mangajoy’s translation, you say is not THAT bad, that means it could be better(like yours), but we can’t compare sense we don’t know korean.
    About the series we should pick, well, I’m in a group on facebook thats is about Magician, maybe it was created by people from here. So maybe we should ask people there, cuz there is the question thing you can make, BUT I’m not sure if every reader from here is there. That said, series I want: Trace 2.0(rarely is translated), Kubera(crazy schedule too)

    • Well Kubera is actually pretty up to date and being done by The Company which is good as quality gets. I see no problem there. Trace 2.0 is also getting translated recently as well. I just gave the option of voting because Idk how people really feel about Mangajoy’s scans.

      • Yes I also find mangajoy translations pretty good. Fast updates on magician, weekly translates for kubera and crepuscule. The only error I find is that they don’t have a part of season I of Kubera.

        And the 3 series I’d really like to see translated are:
        2.Dark Air(Kr)
        3.Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(Jp)

  2. I would really like to have magician translations first. Manga joy’s translations may be ok, but quality is really bad, and you can’t read it in one long strip. Whereas with your translation people could put high quality chapters on Batoto. (And I think Magician really deserves it)

    Concerning other manga, sadly I only discover new ones when they are translated … meaning they all are already translated 🙂

    • Yes, it is fast but very low quality. I really believed it to be a temporary solution. The drawings are too good and Magician has all those great panels, only is ok because i went to Naver first because it doesn’t do justice to the author

  3. First would be Magician, since your translations are high quality. And another would be Siesta.

  4. Yureka and Fast draw. İ think its about time we see a conclusion to Yureka since its already ended and its a great series şn my opinion.

    • There are two finished manhwa I would love to see completely translated called Accord and Green Boy: Shouting to you

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